Managed Services

Keep your IT systems secure and stable.

Cortex managed services will allow you to purchase your own IT infrastructure, while we will ensure everything is secure and stable. It is the recommended IT option for a business who is focused on value from their IT provider.

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We go above and beyond the traditional approach of managed services and perform the role of at least three full time employees. Our service includes a dedicated help desk, full time IT administrator and a technical business analyst.

The Cortex managed service is unlimited. It allows you and all your staff to access a team of dedicated technical professionals any time and with no additional charges, guaranteed.

If your business has existing IT infrastructure and would love a dedicated team of experts to keep your business in business, then contact Cortex Solutions.

Why Cortex?

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Unlimited usage
  • Available 24 / 7 / 365
  • VIP service
  • No paperwork
  • Personalised & professional